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Joe Eaton- Rockton- IL


“If you recall, our family purchased an early model and picked it up in April of 08. There are seven of us involved in this madness and we are having a blast with our Meat Monster. Since the last weekend in April of 08 until Thanksgiving of 09 we ran our cooker twenty five times. This included quite a range of weather, food and fun. We have smoked, roasted and grilled in it. Everything from wild game to prime rib roasts and lobster tails. The Meat Monster is easier to operate, uses less fuel and holds temperature better than any of the backyard sized units we had before.

In summary Bill, we want you to know how thrilled we are with our PCC Meat Monster. It is everything you said it would be and we really enjoy cooking with it. The build quality is first rate and it should be the last cooker we ever buy. We also want to thank you personally for all of your help, knowledge and time you spent with us to figure out what we wanted and needed for a cooker. We are not competitors, just a big family having fun together yet you still went above and beyond what we would have expected to help us get exactly what we needed. Truly, you have a great product and are a man on a mission and we are very happy we chose PCC.”

Rusty Thompson-


Thank you for taking time last Saturday to meet with me and my wife, and showing us around PCC.  It was clear to see that you and the workers take pride in craftsmanship and producing excellent, innovative products.  We both thoroughly enjoyed our visit.

I would like to thank each of you for your part in helping me to get “into” a Peoria Cooker. Now I really understand why you call them “cookers”.  They are so versatile that the term “smoker” would really sell them short.

Oh, and one more thing … thanks for making great cookers!”

Mike Hedrick- Owner of Pit Pirate BBQ

Hey Bill after a year of using my cookers I have to tell you I just love them. From my research I knew the Cookers were well designed and built and that's why I bought [3] Three at the same time last year. With each being different they are prefect size for Catering and Competitions as I can choose the cooker with what I need or combine them for large events. These cookers are working out very well for me but trust me I will be back for another Peoria Custom Cooker when the need arises.

Mike Hedrick

Doug Lukas- Big Dog BBQ Company

“I can't thank you enough for the fine workmanship of this cooker. This thing is a dream of a cooker and the compliments are plenty.”

Ron Kooken- Quincy, IL

“Once again can't express how great this cooker works it;s extremely easy to control, and works better than anything iv'e been around. Have used Brinkman, Charm Glow and several home made models. This thing is just flawless, from the fit and finish to the ease of use.”

Cliff and Rob Shuffler- Shuffler Bros BBQ LLC

“Hi there Bill! Our business took off last year and we were busier than we could have ever imagined!! I was a little happy to see winter come around so I could get a little bit of a break. We had a great year and received 2 awards!! We got a second place award for our brisket at a BBQ event called Greeley Springfest, then we received a first place peoples choice award at the annual Lovleand Loves BBQ for our briskett, this is a KCBS Sanctioned event. This year we are coming out with our fourth sauce, a Bourbon BBQ sauce. Quite a few stores in the local area have picked up our sauce, and we are currently working with a restaurant chain in California that may want to use our sauces in their restaurants. Anyways, that is about all for now, the smoker is awesome and still working great for us.”

Rich Santilli and Don Hartsock

“Just a quick note to say thanks and how impressed we are with your business.  We are more than certain we choose the right company to do business with.”

Jim Rollins

“This smoker is the finest piece of equipment I have ever owned or had the pleasure of using.  You may certainly count on my personal recommendation. I will be more than happy to tell them how wonderful this smoker is!With great pleasure and highest regards!”

Pat Alwan- Owner of Alwan & Sons in Peoria, IL.

Pat Alwan, of Alwan & Sons in Peoria, purchased a Meat Monster two years ago.
“It has done wonders for our business,” Alwan said. “It’s easy to use and ‘old reliable’.”
Alwan said his employees use the Meat Monster every day, all year-round.
“It will outlive any of us,” Alwan said. “Everyone should have one.”

Kevin Captain-

“I've done two long barbecues in my new unit and several dinners with steaks using just the firebox.   I really love this unit.   I'm especially happy with the insulated firebox because I notice a dramatic difference in using much less wood than I did with my Brinkman smokers, and I mean much, much less wood, like half the amount.   The temperature is pretty easy to maintain and the adjustable baffle does help indeed - very easy to adjust, I like it. The construction on this unit is phenomenal.  There is little to no leaks.  Thanks for making the collapsible shelf wider, it works perfect.  It sure is easy to clean with the clean out tray, too.  Simply put, I love it, but I'm thinking someday I'll still want that Meat Monster!”

Kevin Captain


John Roberts


Roger Brown


Spilotros Family