Round Open-Pit Grill

Starting at $950.00

The open pit barbeque grill, designed after the Santa Maria, is a very heavily constructed unit providing 961 square inches of cooking surface for meat or vegetables. 

A mechanically levered hand winch is used to effortlessly lift the cooking surface by increments of one inch, allowing the cooking surface to be positioned anywhere from 6 to 28 inches above the level of the fire rack. 

Two 1/8” cables provide enough lifting capacity for a full rack of meat, and are attached in a way to prevent overlapping or binding, for years of smooth operation.

A unique self locking device connected to the winch handle allows the grill to be raised and locked into position using just one hand.  The locking bar can later be lifted and the grill lowered to the desired height.

This unit can also be used as a “fire pit” since the grill can be raised to 28”, or the entire meat rack and vertical supports can be removed by detaching 4 bolts with a tool which is provided. 

An adjustable vent in the bottom allows for air control and can be removed for easy cleaning. PCC paint protocol consists of 1300 degree paint.

Steve Adams Seattle, Washington

"After traveling around the country and examining many, many smoker/cookers there was a reason why I chose Peoria Cookers. It concerned me that much of the construction I saw was conducted by inexperienced welders, and in fact I observed repetitive weld flaws. Your seamless precision welding is superb. The close fitting doors are the best I have seen. Your smokers are truly professional heavy duty. The attention to detail on the Peoria Cookers is so evident."