Meat Monster™ Offset Firebox (MMOF)

Starting at $8,200.00

This unit is unique because it works well both as a smoker and a grill, capable of handling large or small quantities of food. The fire box, and also the main cooking chamber have two inches of insulation with options for a thermal coupled “Guru” blower and also a convection fan. Its superior insulation and unique double deck cooking design combine to make it extremely efficient, predictable and easy to use. The Meat Monster is a great choice for caterers, competition cookers, or family use.

The Meat MonsterTM

Other Features of the Meat Monster Include:

  • Insulated firebox
  • Insulated cooking chamber
  • Both levels crank up for easy clean out, or choice of cranking up just upper level (useful for grilling and for access to the lower level)
  • Specifically designed for quick and very easy cleanout
  • Stainless steel chain drive and cable for heavy duty crank up mechanism
  • Custom designed spring assist system allows for adjustment of the lid weight from 2 to 135lbs
  • High tech oil impregnated bronze bushings for all rotating parts e.g. lid, door, and crank up.
  • Slide out charcoal rack for easy access
  • Most areas insulated with two layers of 1/4" steel with 2" of ceramic insulation in between the layers of steel
  • Made from high quality “pickled and oiled” steel for a smoother finish
  • Painted in a state of the art paint booth using a high heat primer followed by several coats of high heat black for durability
  • Twin smoke stacks give the option for high or low draw
  • All trailer safety features built in compliance with the National Association of Trailer Manufacturer (current member)

Optional features for the Meat Monster™

  • 1/4th inch solid stainless steel bars for the cooking surfaces
  • Frame for lifting whole hogs
  • Aluminum wheels
  • Aluminum fenders
  • Spare tire
  • Propane burner mounted on the front deck
  • Open pit grill mounted on the front deck
  • Storage boxes
  • Convection System (102 CFM by Peoria Custom Cookers)
  • “Third shelf” 14 inches wide and rests on the upper level
  • Clean out trays for the firebox and also for the main cooking chamber
  • Charcoal trays for “no cleanup grilling” in the main cooking chamber
  • Adjustable and removable lock down latch
  • Double stainless steel smoke stacks
  • Charcoal basket
  • Minion charcoal basket
  • Brass drain valve

Dave and Cathie Nash, Taneytown, MD
"Just want to let everyone know that the Peoria Cooker I purchased is the best one out there. I researched many cookers before I decided to purchase the Meat Monster from Bill at Peoria Cookers. I have worked with several BBQ teams with other brands of grills and I have attended a BBQ class given by Paul Kirk KC BBQ Guru. I had my very first BBQ competition with my Meat Monster cooker on May 11-12, 2007 and I won 1st place in chicken, 3rd place in beef, 3rd place in pork and I took Grand Champion."