Meat Monster™ Internal Firebox (MMIF)

Starting at $5900.00

The Meat Monster™ Internal Firebox has a cooking chamber of 30x60 and the firebox is located within this chamber.  This allows it to give a relativity small footprint for use in tight areas and is very easy to be transported.  It is capable of cooking times in excess of 20 hours totally unattended, without adding charcoal or checking temperatures.  It works very well in conjunction with the BBQ Guru or other thermocouple systems.  It is easy to use, easy to clean, and very predictable for competition, catering, or private use.

Other Features of the Meat Monster™ Include:

  • Insulated cooking chamber
  • Specifically designed for quick and very easy cleanout
  • Stainless steel chain drive and cable for heavy duty crank up mechanism
  • Custom designed spring assist system allows for adjustment of the lid weight from 2 to 135lbs
  • High tech oil impregnated bronze bushings for all rotating parts
  • Cooker is insulated with two layers of 1/4" steel with 2" of ceramic insulation in between the layers of steel
  • Made from high quality “pickled and oiled” steel for a smoother finish
  • Painted in a state of the art paint booth to prevent dust contamination using a high quality heat and corrosion resistant paint for durability
  • Twin smoke stacks give the option for high or low draw
  • All trailer safety features built in compliance with the National Association of Trailer Manufacturer (current member)

Optional features for the Meat Monster™

  • 1/4th inch solid stainless steel bars for the cooking surfaces
  • Frame for lifting whole hogs
  • Aluminum wheels
  • Aluminum fenders
  • Spare tire
  • Propane burner mounted on the front deck
  • Open pit grill mounted on the front deck
  • Storage boxes
  • BBQ Guru
  • “Third shelf” 14 inches wide and rests on the upper level
  • Clean out trays for the firebox and also for the main cooking chamber
  • Charcoal trays for “no cleanup grilling” in the main cooking chamber
  • Adjustable and removable lock down latch
  • Double stainless steel smoke stacks
  • Charcoal basket
  • Brass drain valve

Kevin Swanson Rochester, MN

When I first decided to purchase a new smoker I researched for over 6 months and found many of the custom smokers to be close to the same with little differences and prices. One of the last smokers I came across was the Peoria Cookers and the first thing that grabbed my attention was the Meat Monster Offset Firebox, but it was a little out of my price range. After calling the toll free number I found the Meat Monster Internal Firebox was a new product very similar to the original Meat Monster, I was sold.  Since having the MMIF for almost 2 months now I can honestly say my end product has improved 2 fold. With the insulated cook chamber and air tight seals this smoker uses very little fuel to cook, resulting in juicier meat. I no longer have heat spikes or drops because this cooker keeps such a level temp with the insulated cook chamber and air tight seal. One of the nicest features is using the internal firebox for direct heat when cooking steaks. All I have to do is remove the FB lid and slide the grate over the FB, once the steaks are seared I slide the grate back and let them rest in indirect heat for a while, or reverse sear with the opposite method. Another great feature is the multiple cooking levels. With the optional third rack, I can get a range of temps from 200-300, or by adjusting the stack I can keep the temp range closer to 50 degrees difference. This allows for multiple types of cooking at the same time, so when in competition this is the only cooker needed.  The MIFF is everything I have been looking for in a smoker, insulated, can be used for direct heat to cook steaks, has a hitch to take anywhere to cook, multiple cooking levels, fully insulated, most efficient cooker with the firebox in the main cook chamber, and very easy access to a large cooking area. I love the MMIF.


Jeff Bailey Dunlap, IL

I have had the Meat Monster Internal Firebox (MMIF) for three months and could not be happier.  The quality and craftsmanship of the construction is second to none.  I have been researching cookers for two years and was unable to find anything that matched the quality and versatility.  The efficiency of the cooker is amazing.  My longest cook so far has been 17 hours at 250 degrees and I did not use half of the charcoal capacity of the internal firebox.  The versatility has surpassed my expectations.  I have found I can hold a 150 degree temperature variation between the bottom rack and top rack.  This allows for a variety of items to use the cooker simultaneously.  I have also found it works wonderfully as an everyday grill.  I have used it for steaks, burgers, brats, chicken breasts and pork chops.  By removing the top half of the firebox I am able to grill directly over the fire and then move it aside for indirect cooking if desired.  I cooked an event for my Church and was able to complete 100 burgers, 50 brats and 50 hot dogs within 90 minutes.  For smoking and grilling it's difficult to put in to words how much I believe you will enjoy the MMIF - you just need to try it for yourself!

Jeff Bailey
Dunlap, IL