24 X 48 Backyard Cookers

Starting at $1,753.00

This cooker is a nice size for family use, however it can also be used for parties of 80-100 people cooking 12 shoulders, or 16 chickens, or a 60-80lb pig. The optional lid on top of the firebox allows it to also function as a stand alone family grill.

24 X 48 Backyard Cooker
Lew Dowdy of San Deigo California
"I have purchased many grills and smokers for myself and for my sons, but this unit by Peoria Cooker is by far the best. The well designed features really work, and the heavy duty construction and workmanship is outstanding. I am really proud of it and show it to everyone. Thanks Bill."
Peter M. Rumbolo, MD
"I have had my cooker for about 6 months and after owning 2 other similar cookers/smokers, this is by far the best.The construction with the steel holds the heat noticeably well. When using charcoal and wood, this cooker only used about 25 lbs of charcoal to cook all day. This is 1/2 of the charcoal used for all day cooking that my other units required to maintain temperature. The cooker is also very versatile. My last use was on Thanksgiving Day when I slow cooked a turkey for my family."
Rick Soliman Minooka, Illinois
"I love my Peoria Cooker! The backyard cooker is incredibly easy to use and is so versatile. My options are endless for a Backyard BBQ! It can easily hold 10-12 shoulders, or 10-16 chickens, or a 70lb pig! The hardest part is deciding what to cook. Also, I feel that my cooker has allowed me to reconnect with my extended family and friends. The backyard unit more than capable to cook for a large crowd and is a great excuse to have my loved ones over for great food, good times, and great memories."
Glenn Hubbard Grand Rivers, Kentucky
"Bill, I wanted to congratulate you and your team on winning in three categories at the Paducah cook-off. I am also sending you photos of my Peoria Cooker loaded with venison sausage. Not only were my hunting buddies impressed with the quality of your smoker, but they also said that your venison recipe was the best we had made in 20 years."
"Bill, A big thumbs up! The versatility of my cooker is down right amazing, whether keeping just the right temperature while smoking my favorite spare ribs, to grilling rib eyes and chicken leg quarters, this grill is incredible. The quality and craftsmanship is first class. Hats off to you and your crew!"